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44B photoelectric sensor introduced by Rockwell Automation

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New from automation technology group, Rockwell Automation , is the 44B photoelectric sensor incorporating adjustable background or foreground suppression.

The unique 44B photoelectric sensor is designed for industrial applications requiring reliable detection of targets close to a surface, such as a conveyor, that must be ignored by the sensor.

The 44B photoelectric sensor is available in two sensing modes: background suppression of up to 300mm and foreground suppression up to 200mm. The background suppression sense mode will change its output state, when it sees reflected light from the target. The foreground suppression sense mode uses the background as a reflector and changes its output state, when a target blocks this reflector.

The background suppression sense mode is ideally suited for the detection of light targets against a less reflective background, such as detecting missing bottle caps. Foreground suppression should be used, when looking at a dark or irregularly shaped target against a highly reflective background, such as products on a reflective white conveyor belt.

With its unique optical design, IP67-rated housing and fast 1ms response time, the 44B sensor helps to ensure high-quality production line output with minimum false triggers.

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