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LED Channel Letters and LED Neon from Robust Embedded Systems

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Channel letters fill a need for corporate IDs and building identity programs on the sides of building and have done so for decades.

Whereas neon once had an almost complete monopoly on illuminating channel letters, LEDs are now emerging as an alternative lighting source. LEDs overall features of high brightness, lower cost in terms of energy efficiency and a long operation life of at least 100,000 hours per unit make them attractive as lighting fixtures.

All Robust Embedded Systems product lines are available in a range of Super Bright LED colors including red, amber, yellow, green, blue and white.

LEDs are deployed in two areas of channel letter lighting; the first is new signs where the preferred lighting source is LEDs. The second area is replacement for previously installed sign projects, where for reasons of cost savings, the sign owners have opted to change out the neon with an LED system.

One benefit of using LEDs is you don't have to worry about corners or tight spots, especially with cursive fonts. The LED wire is flexible enough that you can bend it to follow the shape of each letter.

Once finished, the sign was lit up and you were happy with the results. There were no shadows or hot spots on the sign face, and it was lit evenly between each letter.

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