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THE Melbourne based, worldwide organisation Robotunits Pty. Ltd ., is constantly looking for innovative and intelligent solutions and ideas to inspire their own product development. Constructive feedback from the market is paramount in the quest for the development of the most intelligent, user-friendly and flexible Modular Automation System available.

Robotunits are constantly working towards this goal, with timesaving and cost reduction for the customer as a major priority. Jürgen Mennel, General Manager of Robotunits Pty Ltd states that Robotunits knows the key to its success is to aid the success of the customer by only looking for the most innovative products and most simple solutions.

Instead of developing just one product to satisfy one application possibility, Robotunits strives to develop products that can satisfy a whole host of different application possibilities. This reflects the Robotunits product development philosophy of More with Less.

During the last two years, the Robotunits development team has been busy analysng data from the market, and integrating this information into the development of a range of exciting new products. The area of conveyor technology has probably seen the most advanced steps, as internal transport speed and efficiency plays an important role in internal logistics or "Intralogistics".

The new Timing Belt Conveyors for example, offer the customer the possibility to transport products quicker and more accurately that what has been possible with conventional conveyor belt technology. In addition to the timing belt conveyors, Robotunits can also offer the customer a variety of peripheral items from drive options, to coupling systems, to encoding equipment for accurate positioning.

As well as the assemblies from Robotunits, the individual items of the Modular Automation System are also undergoing constant development. Robotunits offer machine builders and integrators alike, a unique extrusion system that requires no drilling or milling, and has a universal 14mm T-Slot. This means the customer can design knowing that one size fits all, increasing the speed of the design, assembly, and integration. It is no longer necessary to include reinforcements into construction, as Robotunits connectors have been designed to offer 100% security in application with intense shock-loading and vibration.

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