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Simple and flexible linear motion units

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article image Incorporated wear-resistant hardened steel guide rail.

IT can be a time-consuming and difficult experience selecting the appropriate linear slides and linear guidance systems available on the market today. It also important to choose a system that has been designed and specified accurately.

This is where Robotunits Pty Ltd comes in, as their own range of linear motion units and products are not only simple to specify, but are also incredibly robust and reliable.

Incorporating a wear-resistant hardened steel guiderail, the linear motion units have been designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind.

The steel rail is supplied fitted into an aluminium backplate that effortlessly clips and aligns directly into the T-slot of the Robotunits’ Aluminium Extrusion system.

The automatic alignment feature means the customer no longer has to spend valuable time setting up and adjusting the guiderails to achieve the alignment necessary for the application.

The completely assembled linear motion units are supplied pre-assembled with drivebelt and pulley, offering the customer a linear solution that can be easily integrated into an automation line or as a stand-alone unit.

The special bearing block construction and large roller diameter offers maximum rigidity and high load-carrying capacity and are available in concentric or eccentric versions allowing the customer to set up a play-free linear motion system.

The built-in felt wipers ensure the guiderails are kept clean, reduce friction therefore increasing the lifespan and prohibits corrosion of the rails.

Delivery for the fully assembled linear motion units from Robotunits is just two days, while the individual components can be supplied ex-stock.

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