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Robotunits re-launches C8N and C8T range of Conveyors

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article image C8N and C8T range of Conveyors

Robotunits  recently re-launched the large C8N Belt Conveyors and C8T Timingbelt conveyors. This new re-launch will bring these already popular conveyors in line with the smaller range of conveyors of the C4N and C5N line.

The most obvious change is the new Timingbelt cover with the integrated window to allow inspection of the timingbelt. There are also some other not so obvious internal changes that have helped reduce costs.

Due to the popularity of these units, there has been a significant saving in the cost of manufacturing these conveyers and the associated costs will be passed on to customers in full.

All in all these units have been selling so well that a change from expensive machined parts to less costly parts was justified.

The C8N Belt Conveyors & C8T Timing Belt Conveyors are part of the Robotunits "Just-In-Time conveyor system" which allows Robotunits to create the connection between rapid delivery times and qualitatively high-value solutions.

Have tailor-made and flexible conveyor systems delivered in less than a week.

Despite these unusual and rapid delivery times, Robotunits offers:

  • The highest quality and a wide spectrum of conveyor belts
  • Belt types can be chosen from a large selection
  • Robot units offers the highest level of freedom of choice in the type and positioning of the drive
  • Standard speed can be selected between 2.6 and 90 m/min
  • Quality high-value motors and gears from such as SEW Eurodrive and Motovario
C8N and C8T Benefits:
  • Conveyor custom built according to your needs
  • Standard Units from 40mm to 1200mm wide and up to 12 meters in lenght
  • Special sizes outside the standard range available
  • Different drive types available
  • Frequency inverters available
  • All conveyors are serial numbered for ease of replacement parts should the need arise
  • All conveyors come with an operating Manual
  • Stands and other accessories available upon request

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