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New modular automation system

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THE European-based organisation Robotunits GmbH is now in Australia where machine builders and designers alike can benefit from this unique automation system.

The system defines lean manufacturing, in fact the number of individual components has been reduced from several thousand as with traditional systems, down to just 250 multifunctional parts.

The main goal of Robotunits is to overcome all the problems inherent in these traditional systems which Robotunits experienced during its special purpose machine building days.

The extrusions have been designed to offer as much rigidity and flexibility as possible, accompanied by ease of specification and utilisation.

The surfaces are slightly concaved to offer a pre-load upon tightening of the connection technology, and features a unique T-Slot that is universal throughout the entire extrusion range.

This extra large 14mm wide, 14mm deep slot enables the insertion of a much larger T-Nut therefore guaranteeing greater connection strength and rigidity. Just one size slot throughout the entire range also helps reduce the overall number of components to be handled.

The connection technology is a patented, play-free, self-centering, form-locating system which demands no drilling or milling of the extrusions, and once fitted will offer complete security in conditions of extreme shock loading and vibration.

This level of security can be achieved with Robotunits, the result of which being a system that can replace a welded steel structure.

These products form the basis of the Robotunits systems which also includes easy to install safety fencing, simple to specify linear motion units, and "Just in Time" belt conveyors.

As these products are all manufactured from the same extrusion technology, the compatibility makes specification of modular systems very simple.

Not only are Robotunits competitively priced, the entire delivery process can be simplified, costs reduced, and time won through the integration of the Robotunits modular automation system.

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