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Modular belt conveyors available from Robotunits

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Robotunits  allows customers to configure their own belt conveyors. Length, width, height, drive option, speed, belt-type and height of sideguides can all be individually specified.

Robotunits’ range of belt conveyors entered the Australian market in 2004. With the ability to individually configure a conveyor online, Robotunits offer a system with enormous potential for saving time and money.

Based on their own aluminium extrusion system, the belt conveyors offer maximum choice to customers, who can request the exact belt conveyor length necessary for the application in a variety of widths.

The belt conveyors have widths ranging from a miniature 40mm wide belt conveyor to 1200mm wide as standard.

Special widths up to and exceeding 2000mm are also possible. The customer can specify any length required up to a standard of 6000mm (longer conveyors available upon request), with a variety of speed options and construction heights, ranging from 40mm through to 100mm.

The specification and enquiry stages of the belt conveyor application have been made even easier for the customer with the company’s new online belt conveyor configuration system. This enables customers to construct an individually tailored conveyor for their needs, giving a full technical description with price in a matter of minutes. Once ordered, Robotunits will ship the standard conveyor fully assembled within one working week.

All conveyors offer multiple drive options from end-drive to centre-drive, driven through a timing belt or the space-saving direct drive.

If an application requires the use of special belting, Robotunits can supply a belt suited exactly to your needs, for example, applications in the food industry, high friction for inclined transport, and low friction for accumulation.

As a result of using standard aluminium extrusions for the base construction, the belt conveyors can be integrated into frames or existing systems using standard parts and elements from the Modular Automation System.

This flexibility offers the integrator timesaving, as special connection parts no longer need to be procured or manufactured.

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