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Knife-edge belt conveyors

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article image Robotunits’ knife-edge design.

ROBOTUNITS has expanded its already broad selection of modular belt conveyors. Based on its unique 40x40mm and 40x80mm modular extrusions, Robotunits has now included a 50mm construction size in the range, with additional roller options.

This addition bridges the gap between the original light duty, and heavy duty sizes, offering a cost-effective solution in applications where an 80mm belt conveyor would normally have been integrated.

The customer can select the desired drive option and position to suit the application and has a free choice between end and centre drive versions, in either a direct or timing-belt configuration.

The length of the belt conveyor can be tailored to the customer's needs, with a maximum standard length of up to 6m being available. The customer also has a choice of standard belt materials to suit almost any application, i.e., applications in the food industry, high friction belting for inclined transport, low friction for accumulation, etc.

To simplify the transport of small or unstable parts between conveying elements, Robotunits has taken the knife-edge roller design from its 40mm conveyor, and made this a standard addition to the 50mm range. The knife edge reduces the distance between conveying elements enabling the smooth transfer of products or materials from one conveyor to another.

Robotunits offers fully customised products and solutions as standard, which is demonstrated very effectively in the Belt Conveyor System from Robotunits. Belt conveyors can be constructed online at www.robotunits.com, offering the customer the opportunity to save time during the design and specification phase, as all relevant information is readily available.

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