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Aluminium extrusion technology

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ROBOTUNITS began with special purpose machine building back in the late 1980s. Following many years experience with traditional machine construction systems, both steel and aluminium, Robotunits decided to develop the ‘next generation’ extrusion technology, which was later to form the basis for their entire modular automation system.

As a result of taking on board all the advantages inherent in the traditional aluminium extrusion construction systems, this new aluminium extrusion offers the machine builder maximum design, specification and assembly possibilities with minimal investment of time and effort.

The key element of the modular automation system is the unique aluminium extrusion technology, which is available in size multiples of 40mm and 50mm.

As a result of the universal T-Slot size, all extrusions are completely compatible with one another, allowing new dimensions in design and assembly speed.

The universal T-Slot with its large 14mm width and depth is fully compatible with all the accessories, connectors and T-Nuts in the modular automation system of Robotunits. This slot size provides a very large contact surface area between the T-Nut and T-Slot, and maximum thread contact in the T-Nut, thus increasing the total load carrying capacity of the connection.

With full material thickness at the crucial contact points, Robotunits has maximised the stability of the aluminium extrusions, as the material cannot become deformed as a result of ongoing adjustment.

The aluminium extrusions of Robotunits require absolutely no milling or drilling of the extrusions in order to make a connection. No machining whatsoever needs to be carried out by the customer, as Robotunits supply all extrusions pre-tapped and ready for assembly.

The time and cost-saving characteristics of this system are being appreciated worldwide as Robotunits expands, bringing the new aluminium extrusion and modular automation system ever closer to new markets.

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