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Robotic palletiser launched for small manufacturers

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Robotize has introduced a new intuitive robotic palletiser for small manufacturing businesses.

Available at an affordable cost, Robotize’s robotic palletising systems are easy to use and represent a great opportunity for companies to reduce their operating costs. Until recently, robotic technology was too expensive or perceived too complicated for many smaller manufacturers.

More significantly, the new palletising solution also enables the small manufacturing segment to eliminate OHS issues relating to manual handling of products.

Manual stacking of products on pallets continuously will result in injury to the worker. OHS regulations aim to protect workers from musculoskeletal disorders, and require manufacturing companies to eliminate activities such as palletising bags or boxes as far as reasonably practicable. 

With expensive automated solutions out of reach of small manufacturers, pallet lifters and vacuum lifting hoists were instead implemented to assist workers to minimise, but not eliminate the risks. 

Robotize’s new generation of robotic solutions decreases operating costs and totally eliminates any risk of musculoskeletal disorders. 

Simple to use, reliable and suitable for a wide range of product types and sizes, the robotic palletising systems allow new programs to be created or adjusted with ease with no programming knowledge required, making this solution ideal for companies with ever-changing stacking requirements. 

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