Robotic Automation News

Arc welding robot
06.11.2014 - The Motoman MA3120 arc welding robot features an extra-long reach arm that reduces the need for tracks.
Robot palletisers supplied by Robotic Automation for Australian abattoir
30.01.2012 - Robotic Automation has designed, supplied and installed two robot palletisers to Australian Meat Holdings for the robotic palletising of frozen meat.
Robotic Automation supplies robot palletiser to international chemical manufacturer
23.01.2012 - A leading Australian chemical manufacturer has incorporated robotics into its manufacturing process for the first time after installing a robotic palletiser supplied by Robotic Automation.
Robopac Micra seal and shrink packaging machines available from Robotic Automation
23.11.2010 - Available from Robotic Automation, Robopac Micra seal and shrink packaging machines provide semi-automatic and automatic shrink wrapping for a variety of small packages.
Motoman-UP50-35 Robot from Robotic Automation Deployed for Bath Tub Development
12.11.2010 - Robotic Automation has installed a Motoman-UP50-35 robot at a bathroom equipment manufacturing company to automate various tasks in bath tub development.
High Speed Robotic Palletising and Stretch Wrapping Systems from Robotic Automation
06.10.2010 - Robotic Automation installed a high speed robotic palletising and stretch wrapping line as a turnkey project for a leading paper products manufacturer in Victoria.
Automatic Stretch Wrappers from Robotic Automation Installed at Coca-Cola Amatil
04.10.2010 - Coca-Cola Amatil has recently installed two Robopac fully automatic stretch wrapping machines from Robotic Automation at its Northmead plant in Sydney's western suburbs.
Robotic Automation Installs Turnkey Robotic Palletising and Stretch Wrapping System at Debco
01.10.2010 - A turnkey robotic palletising and stretch wrapping system installed by Robotic Automation at Debco offers flexibility, speed and safety in palletising operations.
Robotic Automation presents shrink wrap system MSK Paratech
02.09.2010 - MSK Paratech, a fully automatic shrink wrap system, is specifically designed for the printing industry.
Motoman Robot's spray glaze on Caroma bathroom products.
02.09.2010 - Robotic Automation’s Motoman Robots used at the Caroma's manufacturing plant to spray the finish glaze onto bathroom products.
Motoman Robots from Robotic Automation used in the quality door furniture industry
02.09.2010 - Motoman Robots from Robotic Automation Pty Ltd have a variety of applications in the quality door furniture industry.
Astra LC Heavy Duty Compact “L” Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnels from Robotic Automation
02.09.2010 - Robotic Automation presents the Astra LC Heavy Duty Compact “L” Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnels.
Robotic Automation introduces MPK2 high speed picking robots
15.10.2009 - Robotic Automation is please to introduce 5-axis MPK2 high speed picking robots. MPK2 picking robots provide high performance in picking, packing and food handling.
DX100 robot controllers from Robotic Automation
14.10.2009 - DX100 controllers, available from Robotic Automation are Motoman's 7th Generation robot controllers.
Robotic Automation provide Automotive Parts with robot system
13.10.2009 - Robotic Automation provides MOTOMAN HP50 robot and NX100 controller for Automotive Parts.
MH5 series handling robots from Robotic Automation
12.10.2009 - MH5 series handling robots from Robotic Automation are compact, powerful and economical.
AII-V6L welding robots from Robotic Automation
09.10.2009 - Robotic Automation report that significant gains in robot axes speeds for greater productivity has been achieved, while interference detection sensitivity has been improved by 40%.
Robotic systems for furniture and cabinet makers from Robotic Automation
08.09.2008 - Robotic Automation have provided a case study on robotic systems. The increased productivity gained by large-scale manufacturers, automated through the use of robotics is available to smaller operators in the woodworking industry sector.
Robotic Automation to showcase arc welding robot applications at QMan
01.09.2008 - Robotic Automation will showcase applications for fast arc welding robots on stand 1700 during the 2008 Queensland Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (QMan) at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from October 21-23.
Motoman SV3 robot from Robotic Automation at work in a Sydney confectionary plant
12.08.2008 - Robotic Automation supply robotics for all applications, including automatic guided vehicles, pallet wrapping systems, robotic palletising and end of line automation systems.
Robotic Automation installs robotic palletising equipment for paper products manufacturer
05.08.2008 - Robotic Automation (RA Group) is a supplier of robotics for several applications. As part of the multi-million dollar refurbishment of the Victorian plant of a paper products manufacturer, equipment and expertise from the RA Group were utilised in a
Robotic Automation’s Motoman Robot in Cadbury plant
24.07.2008 - The Motoman SV3 Robot, available from Robotic Automation, has been installed for handling chocolates in Cadbury plant.
FMC Technologies’ Automated Guided Vehicle System from Robotic Automation
14.07.2008 - FMC Technologies’ Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGV), available from Robotic Automation, provided a solution to vehicle control issues, which required high precision deliveries, eliminated human exposure to a hostile work environment and reduced l
Automatic Guided Vehicles available from Robotic Automation
09.07.2008 - Robotic Automation is a provider of robotics and the Australian supplier of FMC Technologies’ Automatic Guided Vehicles. Several of FMC Technologies' standard range of Forked, Unit-load, and Towing vehicles is used in the food industry.
Robotic Automation to host automation exhibition from May 6 to 8
09.04.2008 - Robotic Automation in an automation centre is to feature over 30 unique demonstrations and displays of robotics and packaging technology with applications to your industry.
Robotic Automation to exhibit arc welding robot applications at NMW 2008
17.03.2008 - Robotic Automation will showcase applications for fast arc welding robots on stand 4802 during National Manufacturing Week at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 27 to 30.
Robotic Automation delivers assembly solutions for electrical accessories manufacturer
15.10.2007 - Robotic Automation has assisted a local manufacturer of electrical accessories to update and expand the automation techniques for production processes and helped improve competitive performance.
Robotic Automation develops revolutionary robotic palletizing system for Australian tissue manufacturer
04.10.2007 - Robotic Automation has helped an Australian tissue manufacturer to automate its ‘end-of-line processes’ and at the same time save space, costs and labour. Not only did it help improve on its product quality and reliability but also resulted in increa
Robotic Automation provides welding solution for Australian Railway Bogie Manufacturer
03.10.2007 - A successful Australian Railway Bogie Manufacturer that produces large railway bogies carrying bulk raw materials between cities across the country recently faced difficult and intensive welding challenges amidst the current Skilled Labour Shortage.
Robotic Automation to display Motoman IA20 at NMW 2007
03.04.2007 - Robotic Automation will have a working display of its innovative new Motoman IA20 robot on Stand 4806 during National Manufacturing Week 2007 at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, from May 22 to 25.
Genesis showcases products at AUSPACK
14.03.2007 - In demonstration at AUSPACK, the Genesis Futura completes the range of Genesis high-speed pallet-wrapping systems, satisfying output requirements of up to 130 pallets per hour.
A fully integrated OTC robotic welding package and safety cell equipment available
25.10.2006 - Client: Australian safety equipment manufacturer. Robotic Automation provided a fully integrated OTC robotic welding package and safety cell equipment.
Australia’s largest automation centre
28.07.2006 - ROBOTIC Automation P/L and a partner group of leading suppliers, is holding its 2006 Melbourne Packaging Automation Expo. Over 20 systems will feature in live demonstrations at Australia's largest automation centre.
Welding expo to be held at Robotic Automation's system construction facility
20.04.2006 - The welding expo will feature live demonstrations of arc-welding and plasma cutting on aluminium, stainless and mild steel.
Automatic guided vehicles in action
17.03.2006 - ROBOTIC Automation will be presenting its latest generation of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) on stand 1513 during National Manufacturing Week, to be held at Sydney's Darling Harbour from May 30 to June 2.
Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) to drive production efficiency
09.02.2006 - ROBOTIC Automation P/L has introduced a new line of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) to the Australian market. They are an efficient, safe and cost-saving automation solution from the leading American brand, FMC Technologies.
Motoman robotics aids spinal surgery
12.10.2005 - ROBOTIC Automation P/L is applying the same technology it uses for detailed manufacturing, packing and handling applications in the most delicate of surgical procedures. The Motoman UP6, partnered with a Medtronic surgical navigation system, is used
Petfood plant gets fastest stretch wrappers
30.08.2004 - Two of the highest speed stretch wrapping systems in Australia have recently been installed in a Friskie pet food factory in country New South Wales.
Briefly at Automate 2002
08.08.2002 - TECH-Rentals shows off its latest offerings in its technology rental fleet at Automate 2002. Robotic Automation has new welding robots; WorldSkills holds a mechatronics competition while CNC Teknix introduces new programming software.
Robotic packer and palletiser
11.10.2001 - ROBOTIC Automation has developed a solution to a problem that faces companies that manually pack and palletise product lines. The solution is in the form of an automated robot cell which is basically four machines in one.
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