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Robotic packer and palletiser

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article image The Motoman UP50 robot in action.

ROBOTIC Automation has developed a solution to a problem that faces companies that manually pack and palletise product lines.

Many companies operate on a multiple shift basis using labour to manually erect cartons, manually pack, manually tape and hand palletise the finished product.

The solution is in the form of an automated robot cell which is basically four machines in one.

It features a Motoman UP50 range robot, which carries out the task of case erector, case packer, case taper and palletiser, and case labeler.

The system is very cost effective when compared to purchasing and integrating an automatic case erector, case packing machine, case sealing machine, labeler and palletiser with a slip sheet option and is very compact taking up an area approximately 3.5 x 2.5 metres.

A feature of the system is the robot gripper attachment, which takes a carton from an inbuilt carton magazine, erects it, closes and tapes the bottom of the carton.

The robot then places the carton onto a pickup stand ready for case packing. The robot places the product, which has accumulated on an infeed conveyor, into the carton to complete the case packing function.

The completed case is picked up by the robot and taken through a built in case closing device and the top is taped closed. The case is then labeled.

The cycle is completed when the robot places the carton onto a pallet to complete the palletising cycle with slip-sheets between layers if required. Robotic Automation 02 97483788.

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