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Motoman robotics aids spinal surgery

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article image The UP6 drills and delivers the screw at a fixed angle of entry.

ROBOTIC Automation P/L is applying the same technology it uses for detailed manufacturing, packing and handling applications in the most delicate of surgical procedures.

For those with congenital or acquired spinal deformities, the prospect of corrective surgery can be daunting.

Pedicle screw fixation to the lumbar spine is one such corrective procedure, but even the soberest of surgeons with the steadiest of hands cannot be confident of success. Until recently, the rate of surgically misplaced screws in this procedure ran at 40% with resulting neurological, visceral and vascular damage.

The Motoman UP6, partnered with a Medtronic surgical navigation system, ensures accuracy. An optimum trajectory for the screw placement is defined and the UP6 drills and delivers the screw at a fixed angle of entry, in the exact position and orientation required.

While surgery is being performed, the motion of the patient is tracked by an infrared stereo sensor and fed to both the robot and the navigation system, so minor movement of the patient (for example, in the act of breathing) is compensated in real time.

Better still, the patient does not require a prior incision to expose the vertebra, as the system is guided by the CT scan.

The operation is performed keyhole-style, straight through the skin. This less-invasive procedure reduces complications and rehabilitation time.

Motoman robotics are available exclusively in systems designed by Robotic Automation P/L.

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