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Briefly at Automate 2002

Supplier News

Technology rental

TECH-Rentals will be showing some of the latest offerings in its technology rental fleet at Automate 2002. In the instrumentation area this includes data logging, memory recorders, ultrasonic flow-meters, endoscopes, high speed cameras, thermal imaging and industrial calibration equipment. Also on display will be the latest portable appliance testing equipment, power disturbance analysers, OH&S instruments and even equipment to help with stocktaking.

Welding robots

ROBOTIC Automation will be showing the new Daihen/OTC robot models EX-MV6L long reach and EX-MV6 welding robots as well as the Motoman EA1400 arc welding robot. Also information on the new Motoman PX Series painting and ES spot welding robots will be available.

Mechatronics competition

WORLDSKILLS Australia will be running the Mechatronics National Competition at Automate 2002. The competition will run over the duration of Automate and will feature six teams of mechatronics technicians selected from regional finals throughout Australia, competing for the opportunity to represent Australia at the WorldSkills International Competition to be held in Switzerland next year. The competition is supported by the Australian National Training Authority and State and Territory Governments and is part of the larger WorldSkills Australia National Competition program system.

Programming software

CNC Teknix has announce the arrival of BobCAD-CAM CNC programming software in Australia. This 3-D Mill and Lathe software is the world leader in powerful and affordable CAD-CAM software and will suit the needs of most CNC machine shops. The versatility of BobCAD-CAM allows you to configure the post processor function to output the correct program format for a huge variety of CNC controllers and has in-built RS232 communications to interface with your control. CNC Teknix also offers a cost effective solution to automate a variety of machinery. Our 2, 3 and 4 axis stepper and servo motor controllers are designed for ease of installation and use, a standard PC is all you need to interface with our controllers.

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