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Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) to drive production efficiency

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ROBOTIC Automation P/L has introduced a new line of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) to the Australian market.

They are an efficient, safe and cost-saving automation solution from the leading American brand, FMC Technologies.

FMC Technologies is ISO9000 Certified, with over 50% of the USA market share and a large international install-base.

AGVs (also known as SGVs - Self Guided Vehicles) from FMC Technologies have already amassed a long list of world-recognised clients from a wide variety of industries, including Australia's own News Limited printing plants in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Why automate material handling?

* Improve plant safety

* Reduce product damage

* Provide material tracking

* Monitor system reliability

* Improve system productivity

* Provides consistent, predictable results

* Reduce costs (labour and equipment).

Why use AGVs?

* Not a permanent obstacle

* Paths can be changed easily

* System can be expanded easily

* Does not represent a single point of failure, system has built-in redundancy

* Favourable cost/benefit compared to other automated material handling solutions.

Typical applications include:

* Delivery of raw material from receiving to warehouse

* Delivery of parts from warehouse to assembly line

* Movement of product through manufacturing process

* Movement from palletiser to stretch wrapper

* Movement from stretch wrapper to storage/shipping

* Movement from finished goods warehouse to shipping.

Robotic Automation will be conducting seminars on automation in February, in Sydney and Melbourne. They will feature Patrick Conway from FMC Technologies, USA. Contact Robotic Automation for details.

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