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Australia’s largest automation centre

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ROBOTIC Automation P/L and a partner group of leading suppliers, is holding its 2006 Melbourne Packaging Automation Expo. The expo will take place at Robotic Automation P/L Melbourne: 11 Kingston Park Court, Knoxfield on the 8th and 9th of August.

Over 20 systems will feature in live demonstrations at Australia's largest automation centre.

The expo features the latest technology from:

* MOTOMAN robotics

* FMC Technologies (AGVs)

* ROBOPAC (load securement)

* MSK (shrink wrapping)

* SICK (sensors)

* FESTO (pneumatics)

* AMCOR (case erecting & flexibles)

* Intralox & InMotion Engineering (conveying)

* Matthews (labelling)

* CAMAS (assembly automation).

Complimentary refreshments are provided throughout the day. Live demonstrations of Robotic Automation P/L and RA Technologies P/L solutions will take place over the two day exhibition.

Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) Delivery Systems will be featured. These move pallets between palletiser, wrapping station and warehouse. Paper roll handling for the News Print Industry will also be displayed, as will efficient materials transport- free of human error- promising no more damage to product, equipment or staff.

The expo will include Robotic Palletising, utilising the new, patented 4-AXIS SERVO TWIN-GRIPPER system which doubles production capacity, and Robotic Case Packing which allows delicate individual food products to be safely packed and then palletized.

Attendees will see an old Robotic palletising system that's just undergone mechanical refurbishment to achieve maximum production capacity, and see proof of longevity and value in MOTOMAN robot-based solutions.

Robotic Automation P/L’s showroom collection from the MOTOMAN and OTC Robot range (offering payload capacities ranging from 5kg to 500kg!) allows visitors to witness the speed and precision control, while exploring the potential applications in their own production line with the expo’s experienced and practical consultants.

Robotic Programming and Simulation software showcases examples of how to avoid interruption to production processes by building and simulating a robotic production task in confidence, within a realistic 3D environment, before downloading straight to the robot. This is great for presentations to other project partners, as the user can prove the project on their PC, without risk or interrupting production.

Other products on display include:

* Semi-automatic Stretch Wrapping - 2 popular models in action with budget-priced entry-level and Professional level load-securement within reach.

* Fully-automatic Stretch Wrapping - the affordable Helix HS-40 with 80 pallets-per hour capacity and with Conveyor and AGV delivery in-feed.It is a robust, industry-proven, fully-automatic wrapping system.

* Semi-automatic Stretch Wrapping for smaller/awkward loads- the Compacta- Fast, flexible, and compact, adept in packaging of smaller materials of varying sizes, shapes, and bundles.

Attendees can take a tour of the RA Melbourne Construction and Testing Facility- Australia's largest Automation Centre, and see actual industry projects as they undergo final testing.

They can learn the latest advancements in industry technology - straight from the manufacturers themselves and current users. Seminar presentations take place from 1pm each day.

The expo promises to give visitors invaluable insight and advice on successfully implemented Automation Solutions. Learn how the latest advancements can maximise production efficiency, while minimising costs in a business.

For more information and to register, visit the Robotic Automation website www.ragroup.com.au or email them directly to receive a personal invitation.

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