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Robot system from Robotech

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Robotech  offers solutions for the robot system. Robotech designs and builds robot cells to suit client’s specification and requirements. Robotech offers rotators, liners slides and fixed tables. Robotech offers robot cell system which can be designed to have manual operating doors and pneumatic doors and it meets all safety requirements.

The robot cells from Robotech are designed in such a way that it can be easily transportable and it can fit on a standard truck. The robot cells can be installed with a PCL which helps in offering maximum flexibility. The installation of PCL helps the robots to work more efficiently thus reducing the cycle time.

The rotators and linear tracks from Robotech can be electric, pneumatic and servo driven. The rotators and linear tracks can have single axis as well as multiple axes. One of the new inventions of Robotech include the development of Arc welding Robot Cell which has rotating table. The entire Robot Cell from Robotech was constructed, programmed and is fully tested at its Lonsdale workshop. Robotech also offers PLC system which helps in upgrading the client’s existing system.

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