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Sensors and bump detectors from Robot-Oz

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The sensors offered by Robot-Oz are highly efficient and durable. In robotics, the sensor programming is known as Closed loop or Open loop robotics.

In Open loop robotics the controller needs a high quality actuator to be activated. The controller assumes that the necessary action has taken place just like the wipers on the car. When the driver turns the wipers on the system also turns on the wiper motor and assumes that it is working.

In a closed loop robotics, the actuator cab easily read the sensor to determine the current situation. So, it is highly important to choose optimum sensors to perform in the robotics. Robot-Oz provides various kinds of sensors such as infra-red and sonic sensors, cameras, bump detectors, compass units, GPS units and tilt detectors.

These are dynamic and highly efficient sensors and perform the functions as asked by the controller. The distance measuring sensors from Robot-Oz are highly capable as the controller helps calculating the distance quickly and easily.

Bump detectors are also highly efficient and can close the micro switch immediately when an antenna bumps an obstacle. The compass and GPS units have high capacity and can be used for various applications.

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