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Uncoiler straighteners and feeder from Roblan

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The uncoiler straighteners and feeders are also provided by Roblan on a large scale. TLN3-600 is a medium duty uncoiler straightened and feeder that has a unique safety systems to provide safety and security to the user. This uncoiler straightened and NC feeder is on sale at Roblan. This is highly efficient and cost effective.

This inverse curve roll on feeder and straightened is highly mechanical and integrated. The safety control system helps monitoring all electrics and controls in confirmation with high quality standards. Roblan supplies these uncoiler straighteners and feeder with cranes for smooth off loading and positioning.

It has a non-powered hold down arm for smooth operation. The main motor of an uncoiler straightened and feeder has 3.5 kilowatts capacity and is designed efficiently. A mains isolator switch is also provided with TLN3-600 uncoiler straightened and feeder by Roblan. This switch can easily be locked for safety.

Roblan also supplies a complete range of high quality pressing systems. These are full-fledged pressing systems that have their unique features. Some light guards are also provided at the front of this pressing system from Roblan. The pressing systems supplied by Roblan are highly efficient and are used in metal processing and plastic moulding.

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