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Coil handlers from Roblan

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A comprehensive range of coil handlers are on sale at Roblan . Tomac TLF4-400P model of coil handlers is highly efficient and saves the looping space. This is a heavy-duty coil handler that provides ultimate security to the user.

This coil handler from Roblan is made of high quality coil material that is fed from the uncoiler with the help of both right and left free guide rollers. Some highly advanced photo sensors are also used in the manufacture of coil handlers that are supplied by Roblan.

These sensors keep looping through the bending rollers system and opening device. It also helps feeding the coiled material thoroughly from up to down and also helps passing it through the tip flatness device, opener device, feeder rollers, punch rollers and work rollers. It also helps providing ultimate smooth feeding of the coiled material to manufacture high grade and heavy-duty coil handlers.

A TLF4-400P model of coil handler from Roblan has a unique safety system that helps protecting the user against any damages taking place. It has a unique hydraulic opening head on the straightener for smooth operation.

This is an electrically and mechanically integrated coil handler that is monitored by the safety control system continuously. It also has hydraulic hold down arms that are given a fail safe brake design for safety and security.

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