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Hardness testing file set - HRC 40-HRC 65

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article image Hardness testing file set - HRC 40-HRC 65

Robinson International  now has available an innovative hardness testing file set that provides a quick, efficient and inexpensive means to check steel hardness. This hardness testing file set eliminates the need to bring the material to the hardness testing machine. Now it is possible to simply take the file set to the material. These files can reach into areas that have previously been difficult to hardness test.

The hardness testing file set comprises 6 colour coded files, ranging from 40HRC to 65 HRC in a protective plastic case.

Testing is easy with this hardness testing file set. Start with the black handled hardest file (65HRC) and run the file over the material. If the file marks the material, the material is softer than the file. Repeat the procedure with the next , blue, file (60HRC) and continue the procedure until a file does not mark the material. The material hardness is then between the hardness of the two files that will and will not mark the material.

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