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Robert Bosch takes honours for its green product development

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Robert Bosch Australia  has led the way in developing gas ducted heating and cooling systems that are unparalleled in the benefits they deliver to the householder and the environment. The Bosch 26eco+, which also scored as a finalist in the energy efficient award, is another example of the commitment of the company to research and development. The Bosch 26eco+ is an efficient gas hot water system with a 6.9 STAR rating.

Shane Alcock from Bosch says the company is dedicated to such innovations with a focus conserving resources and protecting the environment.

“The 26eco+ is yet another example of Bosch’s leadership in producing energy efficient products for the contemporary lifestyle,” said Mr Alcock.

“We are honoured to have received this award and will continue to lead the way in new product development to enable Australians to make a contribution to the conservation of our precious resources,” he said.

The Bosch 26eco+ gas hot water system is a highly efficient fully condensing appliance, which, unlike traditional hot water systems has a condensing unit to capture heat from the exhaust gas using it to preheat incoming cold water. Within the appliance a secondary heat exchanger provides maximum efficiency and for greater water savings the unit can be teamed with up to four temperature controllers.

So far the GreenPlumbers training program has saved Australia more than 3.5 billion litres of water, equivalent to 5000 Olympic-sized swimming pools and millions of dollars in energy savings.

MPMSAA CEO, Mr Ken Gardner says the quality of projects entered in this year’s GreenPlumbers Awards has yet again exceeded expectations.

“The breadth of innovation in water saving and energy efficient technologies and the passion shown by our manufacturers and green plumbers is to be commended,” said Mr Gardner.

“The industry joins together to applaud such commitment and innovation and above all acknowledges the ongoing work of the team at Robert Bosch Australia.

“Staying at the forefront of new product development takes resources and focus – and Robert Bosch Australia leads the charge,” he said

To date there are more than 11,000 plumbers representing over 6,000 plumbing businesses across Australia, the USA, Canada and India who have completed one or more GreenPlumbers® training sessions.

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