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article image Robatech’s Wood Repair System reduces labour time.

ROBATECH has launched its latest technology for the woodworking industry.

The Robatech Wood Repair System is a hot-injection device for repairing knot holes, pitch pockets, cracks and other faults in floor boards with a thermoplastic filler the same colour as the timber.

The repair system can be used during the manufacturing of parquet, panes, windows, laminated board and profiled timber. This process allows valuable timber to be reclaimed prior to further processing.

Timber normally downgraded or rejected can be repaired prior to processing.

Benefits of the Robatech Wood Repair System include:

* Automatic or semi-automatic process saving labour and improving work place ergonomics

* Fast cooling of the filler allowing immediate further processing

* No overfilling of the timber - saving applied material costs

* Filling only occurs in the affected area, therefore there is no contamination of the surrounding timber area

* Reduced contamination means less wear of the sanding belts

* The material in one part without water or solvents means no mixing time

* The filler reduces sanding belts wear by 25% to 30% in comparison to other fillers

* Solvent free means reduced OH&S costs

* Can be covered by most colours and treatments.

Producers of parquet flooring, solid timber and laminated floor boards, windows and timber panelling can benefit from this latest technology from Robatech.

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