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11/06/08 - Robatach Australia, a gluing technology company uses a new “right-round” labelling system to meet the changing trend towards “sexier” bottle shapes and labels. It uses a new hotmelt labelling system.
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08/12/05 - ROBATECH has launched its latest technology for the woodworking industry. The Robatech Wood Repair System is a hot-injection device for repairing knot holes, pitch pockets, cracks and other faults in floor boards with a thermoplastic filler the same
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22/11/05 - THE innovative world of packaging often gets excited about new shapes, labels, and materials, but amidst all the enthusiasm it is easy to forget what holds it all together. Adhesives are quite literally the glue that holds packaging together, and pla
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15/04/05 - ROBATECH has added two variants to its Concept range of hotmelt applicators. Concept A is also called the Allrounder, while the less expensive Concept B is also called the Packaging Specialist. They h

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