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RoHS training including China RoHS

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IS your company compliant with RoHS? Eighty-four percent of all Hong Kong electrical and electronic manufacturers were RoHS compliant by September 2005 with 93.3% expecting to meet the deadline by July 2006.

Australian businesses need to be RoHS compliant to compete with Asian countries that are ahead of the curve on RoHS.

RoHS and WEEE Specialists believe the following questions need to be addressed before the upcoming deadline:

* Is the company aware of IPC1752 and how this could reduce costs and future proof of the company’s RoHS compliance system?

* At this late date, can companies even be compliant? Has the company built robust, reasonable steps as a defense to mitigate risk?

Non-compliant Australian companies that sell into the European Union or have customers who sell into the EU face product bans, fines, penalties and retroactive fees. These financial consequences could prove devastating to small and medium sized enterprises.

RoHS and WEEE Specialists has announce a further round of RoHS training for Australia in July 2006.

Sydney is provisionally scheduled for July 3 and Melbourne for July 7 directly after the Technology Futures Conference.

This training follows upon training conducted in 2005 that was extremely well-received. As an example: virtually all attendees indicated the need to modify their compliance plans based on what they learned.

"At this late date, we're building the training courses around specific examples of what companies are doing", said Roland Sommer, CEO of RoHS and WEEE Specialists.

"It's too late for 'awareness'. Manufacturers need project plans. They need roadmaps. They need to know what's worked. We cover the basics of RoHS through to very advanced material such as an assessment of what metals are high risk. We will also overview the new China RoHS, " adds Mr Sommer.

The RoHS training is suitable for OEMs and suppliers. Attendees will learn about what companies are doing in regard to RoHS project planning, due diligence, material declaration strategies, materials testing options, exemptions and substitutes for restricted chemicals - and of course China and California RoHS.

One or more staff from engineering, quality, manufacturing, marketing, IT and other areas should attend. Trained RoHS people from multiple functions leverages the value and accelerates the implementation, according to RoHS and WEEE Specialists.

Discounts are available for AEEMA, EIA and SMCBA members. A 50% discount will be given for previous attendees who are attending for an update.

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