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RoHS and WEEE training for late starters

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RoHS and WEEE Specialists , in conjunction with the US-based GoodBye Chain Group, has announced RoHS and WEEE training sessions for Australian manufacturers, in Sydney and Melbourne, in March 2006.

RoHS training will be held in Sydney on March 6, and in Melbourne on March 8. WEEE training will be held in Sydney on March 7 and in Melbourne on March 9.

This training follows up on training in 2005 that was well-received. As an example: virtually all attendees indicated the need to modify their compliance plans based on what they learned.

"At this late date, we're building the training courses around specific examples of what companies are doing," said Roland Sommer, CEO of RoHS and WEEE Specialists.

"It's too late for 'awareness'. Manufacturers need project plans. They need roadmaps. They need to know what's worked."

The RoHS training is suitable for OEMs and suppliers. Attendees will learn about what companies are doing in regard to RoHS project planning, due diligence, material declaration strategies, materials testing options, exemptions and substitutes for restricted chemicals.

The WEEE training is targeted primarily at OEMs. It will highlight successful implementations whereby companies have registered with EU nations. It will also provide examples of corporate practices and documents for WEEE-related adjustments with distributors and other business partners.

One or more staff from Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing, Marketing, IT and other functions should attend. Having trained people from multiple functions leverages the value and accelerates the implementation.

According to Harvey Stone, managing director of the GoodBye Chain Group, real-world examples of how to simultaneously implement compliance-and-defence roadmaps are typically the most valuable part of our training.

“It's the only viable choice for late-starters."

Registration forms, training content details, and presenter bios are available from http://www.raws.co.nz/rohs_and_weee/upcoming_events.php

Discounts will be given for people registering for both RoHS and WEEE trainings, as well as for AEEMA, EIA and SMCBA members.

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