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RAWS adds XRF testing capability

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RoHS and WEEE Specialists (RAWS) has announced XRF testing capability to complement its RoHS materials testing line up.

With the widest range different RoHS testing options available in the southern hemisphere RoHS and WEEE Specialists are a one-stop-shop for RoHS and ELV homogeneous material testing.

"We have access to five testing facilities across three continents offering a truly global testing service," says Roland Sommer, MD and principal consultant of RoHS and WEEE Specialists.

Also offered are GC-MS, ICP-AES and a specialised quantitative Hexavalent Chromium testing service through a test lab in the USA.

"Our value-add is in advising on pragmatic, risk based testing strategies that are tuned to the size of company. The requirements of due diligence through testing differ depending on the size of the company," notes Sommer. "We can advise on what level of testing is appropriate to meet the requirements of due diligence."

"We have heard of companies that have submitted completed products to test labs and received a nasty shock with quotes of more than $500,000 for testing,” continues Sommer.

"We can advise on far better and cheaper strategies for compliance than that."

"We have an international network of consultants specialising in compliance infrastructure, training, scope and exemptions and material composition testing which make us one of the broadest and deep RoHS and WEEE consultancies," explains Sommer.

"We have come from a hands-on project management background in RoHS and WEEE and know first hand the kind of issues that most companies are going through.”

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