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Universal server mounting channel

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article image Rittal’s new rail accommodates heterogeneous server architectures in a single enclosure.

ALL leading server suppliers market their systems with a different layout for mounting and enclosure. Rittal is countering this trend and has developed a universal mounting rail.

The new rail is suitable for mounting different server environments in a single rack or enclosure. Protection of investment and flexibility are given highest priority.

The accommodation of heterogeneous server architectures in a single rack used to be a serious problem. Now the new universal mounting rail from Rittal supports heterogeneous server farms in a single housing.

Supplier-specific mounting adaptors in the universal mounting rail simulate the mounting conditions of the hardware and can be linked with the original mounting kits which are supplied with every server.

The server can be mounted directly to the punchings of the 482.6mm (19") mounting angles. The special construction of the mounting rail provides free access to the 482.6mm (19") level so the server can be fastened with screws after insertion.

Very little investment in the mounting systems is needed on the part of the server operators to ensure the long-term use of the enclosures even if technology advances should generate servers of new sizes, mounting requirements or higher packing density.

Rittal currently supports the servers of leading suppliers and all modules by providing 482.6mm (19") front mounting.

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