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article image The Telco-Box from Rittal.

RITTAL's RNC Telco Box is a very compact and practical housing that provides a secure and orderly "home" for all the telecommunications equipment installed in a private home.

Advantages include the systematic layout, a central cross-point, no cable mess, and the protection of hardware from damage.

Rittal is expanding its range of RNC (Rittal-Net.com) products especially in up-to-date ADSL technology by adding the Telco Box.

Even installation of an ISDN line was not possible without an additional device (NTBA); the new technology now requires even more hardware, which can create an installation and a functional problem for the Small Office/Home Office - not to speak of the mess it can create.

The DSL modem (NTBBA), the splitter (BBAE), the ISDN NTBA and maybe the PBX as well as router/switches must now be installed at some central place if multimedia services are shared by several users.

The RNC Telco Box is the basis for an orderly system. It accommodates all telecommunication devices securely and neatly in a central housing.

Punched, standardised mounting plates offer flexibility for mounting different components and leave space for cable management.

For example, a compartment in the upper part of the box can take up an existing PBX. The 269.2mm level can accommodate patch fields at which several network or TC terminals come together.

The Telco Box from Rittal is the first opportunity for SOHO to manage the deluge of telecommunications, network and multimedia services in a single compact, aesthetic housing.

Advantages include the central arrangement and the massively higher availability and safety of all installed systems. The dimensions are 390 x 342 x 350 mm.

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