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Rittal launches new UPS battery management system

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article image Rittal’s Ribat for efficient UPS battery management

RiBat management systemSydney, 3 June 2008 - Rittal , a supplier of IT infrastructure technologies, has launched RiBat. It is a management system capable of extending the life of UPS batteries by 30 percent.

The RiBat management system includes two components, the RiBat manager and the RiBat module. The RiBat module controls the charging process for each battery connected to the system. This prevents overcharging and therefore, the service life of the battery is extended. Up to 250 RiBat modules can be joined using  the pre-assembled cabling and can be connected to the RiBat Manager.

Over the service life of the monitored battery, the RiBat Manager collects all relevant data such as battery voltage, internal resistance, discharge curve and temperature. Later, the collected data can be evaluated and used to control the charging process. At the same time, the RiBat Manager enables each individual battery to be charged better.

“Defective batteries can be detected in good time and if needed be rehabilitated without necessitating an expensive replacement. In addition, the RiBat Manager allows IT managers to conduct preventative maintenance of the batteries, which reduces the cost per service deployment and ultimately also improves IT availability,” said Mr. Mark Roberts, Business Development Manager of Rittal.

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