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Rittal launches new PMC200 3-phase UPS device

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Rittal, a provider of IT infrastructure technologies, has launched new 3-phase UPS which provides organisations with higher efficiencies and availability with savings on their energy expenditure.

Rittal’s PMC200 has an efficiency rate of 96 % at full load and over 95 and for partial loads, ranking it among the top of its class internationally.

The resulting cost savings can amount to several thousand dollars over a typical service life compared with less efficient UPS devices.

The high power density of the Rittal PMC200 provides up to 200 kW per rack or 250 kW/m2 of floor space.

The modular, transformerless system can be equipped with a maximum of five UPS modules which are available in the power levels 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32 and 40 kW.

This fine graduation underlines the demand for pay-as-you-grow systems. Organisations need only buy as much power as they require at any one time, making expensive overcapacity a thing of the past.

At the same time, the modular concept also covers future power demands, which can be retrofitted whilst the UPS is still online. In addition, due to the reduction in weight, many modules can now be installed and removed by just one person.

The Rittal PMC200 has also been developed with emerging technologies in mind. In the past many UPS were manufactured to deliver their maximum output at a lagging power factor of 0.8.

With the advent of technologies such as blade servers, however, electrical loads have shifted from a lagging to a leading power factor which results in a potential de-rating of a traditional UPS.

The PMC200 has been design to accommodate for this shift and provides its maximum output for electrical loads between 0.9 leading and 0.8 lagging power factor.

For the first time in racks up to 20 kW, Rittal now offers the option of integrating a 12-way 482.6 mm (19”) power sub-distributor directly in the UPS rack, which allows for fused connection of the server racks.

Twelve 3-phase outputs are fused per phase via circuit breakers saving space and allowing the entire power supply in smaller installations to be clearly integrated in a single rack.

“A reliable power supply is the backbone of every high availability data centre and today all companies are dependent on always-on, high-performance IT. The PMC 200 is another step in Rittal’s product strategy to provide solutions which are energy efficient, have low total cost of ownership and provide a complete solution for a safe and cost-effective IT infrastructure,” said Mark Roberts, RimatriX5 Product Manager.

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