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Rittal launches cold aisle containment system

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Rittal  has launched a cold aisle containment system which enables data centre managers to increase energy efficiency by optimising the operating temperature of their IT equipment.

Rittal’s cold aisle containment system provides conditioned air to an enclosed cold aisle which ensures the thermal dynamics within the data centre do not impact on the volume of cold air delivered to the front of the IT equipment.

Furthermore, the cold aisle containment system prevents the mixing of cold and warm air in the room and helps to ensure return air temperatures to air conditioning equipment is at a higher temperature.

“A data centre is a living environment and the addition of new equipment or the moving of equipment around a room can have an impact on the thermal balance. Containing the conditioned air in a ‘cold aisle’ ensures maximum efficiency as there is no chance for air to mix.” said Mark Roberts, Rimatrix5 country manager, Rittal.

The cold aisle containment system operates by guiding the cooled air over the data centre’s raised floor into a closed cold aisle between the server racks. The hardware components are cooled as much as required and they then blow the air (now heated) into the surrounding room, where it rises to the top.

A cushion of warm air is then formed below the ceiling. As the cold aisle is blocked off, warm air cannot enter. The exhaust air, now heated, can then be freely extracted from the room via the air-conditioning unit and, once cooled, let in again as cold air.

The cold aisle containment system also protects against sound emissions, creates a pleasant temperature for staff, and can be used with both conventional air circulation equipment and liquid cooling systems.

“The Rittal cold aisle containment system now provides data centre managers with a key ingredient in providing for a more sustainable operating environment,” added Mark Roberts.

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