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Rittal adds 12kw cooling output to Racks

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Rittal,  a leading provider of IT infrastructure technologies, has expanded its Australian range of liquid-based server cooling systems by adding the LCP Extend, a new air/water heat exchanger unit which can be fitted to rack rear doors.

Constantly increasing packing densities as well as the ever increasing processor speeds of high-performance servers are a major contributor to thermal problems in data centres.

To support existing air-conditioning systems, Rittal is now offering Australian organisations liquid-based cooling systems for retrofitting on server racks.

The new LCP (liquid cooling package) unit is based on air/water heat exchanger technology and solves the problem of high heat losses of up to 12 kW per rack.

Without having to modify existing series of enclosures, LCP Extend can be attached as an independent cooling unit to rack rear doors even while the rack is still in operation.

The new ready-to-connect cooling unit, which has the outer form of a climate control door, has a heat exchanger module and six hot swappable fans.

The cold air supplied by the standard air conditioning units is drawn through the servers and gets heated up. The hot air at the rear of the rack is then drawn in by the fans and passed over the air to a water heat exchanger whereby the energy in the air is transferred to the water in the coil.

As the warm air travels over the coil it is cooled down and re-enters the room as cold air. Warm water is then transported to a re-cooling system and cooled down before travelling back to the LCP as cold water.

Water can be supplied to the LCP cooling unit either from the top or the base.

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