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Rittal Launches Enclosure Solution for Protecting Video Surveillance Data

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Rittal , a provider of enclosure technologies, has launched a tamper–proof security enclosure aimed at helping organisations protect their video surveillance equipment from unauthorised access.

While video surveillance systems are increasingly used as a security measure in banks, hotels and public buildings, they are only effective when the recording devices, storage media and backups are sufficiently protected from unauthorised access. The value of the entire system is questionable if sensitive data, tapes or storage media can be easily stolen.

Rittal’s security enclosure incorporates a lock system that ensures that the video-PC is only accessible by authorised employees. 

In addition, the increasing thermal power losses from modern microprocessor systems are taken into account by Rittal’s scalable ventilation feature. The front cover, as well as the rear and top sides are passively ventilated while additional active ventilation components can be installed as an option.

Rittal’s security box enclosure is available in a height of 5U and a depth of 600 mm. Users can screw the enclosure onto the front and rear of the 482.6 mm (19") levels while the front cover is designed to ensure that the screws become inaccessible once closed.

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