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Flexible rack solution for servers

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article image The TS server racks offer high flexibility.

MODERN office communication today is inconceivable without powerful active equipment. These often very different systems must be installed in such a way that maintenance work can be carried out without much removal or installation. The new TS server racks from Rittal meet these requirements in a single enclosure family.

Based on the successful TS enclosure family, Rittal has developed new TS server racks. These high-end racks have several unique features.

For example, the increasing packing density of the current server generation also produces more heat that must be dissipated.

Therefore, the TS server racks ensure maximum airflow inside the housing. The front door and the rear wall are perforated and more than 60 per cent of the surface is open. Horizontal air exchange is supported by server-integrated fans in an optimal way.

New climate concepts from Rittal meet high thermal requirements. For example, the two mounting levels for installed components make installation of a fan mounting panel possible to control heat pockets where they occur.

In addition, the TS server rack uses the TS frame sections. These sections are folded 16 times at several levels, which provides about 15 per cent more useful inside space than comparable products.

TS server sacks have several mounting levels and are laid out perfectly symmetrical. They support variable depth and width installation of sections by the metric or Imperial systems - from 19" to metric, even 23" units.

For example, mixed arrangements with different systems and servers are possible within one housing. The compact design of the frame sections of the TS server rack adds some 30 percent more stability and torsional resistance than comparable makes.

This fact gains importance particularly in view of the growing packing density of the latest generation of servers. For example, 1U servers are already fairly frequent today. And every system adds enormously to the static load in the rack.

As doors and walls can form any combination, the configuration of the TS server racks is 100% flexible - even corner configurations are possible. In this way the Rittal solution makes use even of the smallest nook in office environments where space is not abundant.

Any special requirements of co-location providers or internet providers can be satisfied with the TS server rack in optimal manner - such as by accommodating the servers of several clients in a single housing.

Every client has full access to his systems whereas the devices of other clients are protected from unauthorised access. Rittal has solved this task by providing two to four compartments in an enclosure, each with individual access control system and lock.

The power and data cables of each compartment are also separate. Locking is provided either by safety door handles which open only if a 3-digit PIN code is entered or electronically by the enclosure's CMC (Computer Multi Control) which supports unlocking and monitoring of the enclosure from a remote position via network or the web.

TS Server Rack is available at heights from 24U to 47U, widths of 600mm, 700mm and 800mm and depths of 600mm to 1000mm.

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