Rittal is the world's leading manufacturer of all forms of enclosures for industrial controls, electronics, instrumentation and data and communications networks. Rittal's impressive enclosure climate control range offers fans and filters, air/air and air/water heat exchangers, refrigerated cooling units and accessories such as thermostats and hygrostats. Complete Rittal cooling solutions!


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23/05/16 - Rittal is developing its existing portfolio of panel building and switchgear products.
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03/05/16 - Rittal AE, the original compact enclosure has achieved a unique milestone with over 25 million units installed around the globe.
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29/02/16 - Rittal is a world-leading provider of exceptionally effective yet energy-efficient and environment-friendly enclosure climate control solutions.
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03/12/13 - Rittal announces the launch of the new PWO 16-POT high-current feed-through terminal from Phoenix Contact.
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