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Acai and guarana pulp and pure acai pulps from Riolife

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Riolife  offers exotic living energy products including acai and guarana pulp, pure acai pulps, acai and guarana frozen pulp bottles and so on. The acai and guarana pulp from Riolife is made by blending it with organic guarana syrup. Pure acai pulp is also provided by Riolife is available in 36 individual containers. Acai is generally blended along with guarana syrup. The taste of Acai resembles as that of chocolates and berries.

Acai is a berry found from Amazon palm trees. It is packed full with amino acids, antioxidants and required amounts of essential omega acids. Acai berries are hidden with in the purple pigment. Guarana is nothing but revitalising seed used by tribes living in Amazon. This seed is powdered and consumed before starting their hunting trips. Guarana seeds are known for its strength and heighten awareness.

This acai and guarana pulp from Riolife comes in 36 convenient packs. The ingredients used in preparing this Acai and Guarana pulp includes pasteurized acai pulp, citric acid, sugar, guarana extract, soy lecithin, neutral binder and an emulsifier. The ingredients used in making pure acai pulp include citric acid and pasteurized acai pulp.

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