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Thermal management solutions from Ricon

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Ricon  supplies expert advice on thermal management. The thermal management solutions that are provided by Ricon range from custom designed enclosures air cooling or water cooling to cooling accessories for all enclosures.

The CoolBlast Fans from Ricon is a Fan unit for vertical cooling of modules located inside 19 inch racks. The Reference temperature for these units can be set from 20 degree centigrade to 55 degree centigrade. The individual fans inside can be monitored as well. The CoolBlast Fans from Ricon also have a digital alarm output in case of excess temperature and fan failure. The CoolBlast Fans also have an optical status display for the operation.

Ricon also supplies a range of Intelligent Power Units. These are capable of providing remote power monitoring, remote power control or metering over IP. A range of security products for cabinets are also manufactured by Ricon. The security products are Electronic Locking Devices, Manual Locking Devices and Standard Locking Devices.

Ricon also supplies a range of KVM switches for a number of applications like the connection of keyboards, monitors and mice. A range of TFT display screens and drawers are available from Ricon as well.

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