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LAN cabinets and server cabinets from Ricon

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Ricon  supplies a range of 19 Inch Cabinets. The Miracel Standard Cabinet is a racking system that is designed for storing electronics.

The Miracel Standard Cabinets are constructed from aluminium extrusions that are connected by die-cast aluminium corner pieces. These self-adjusting corner pieces allow fast assembly of the individual components without the need for any special tools. The patented Knurr mounting nut from Ricon cuts down assembly times for the built-in units.

The Miracel Standard Cabinets also accommodates 19 inch vertical extrusions and metric extrusions. This future-proof feature can accommodate all future development without the need for further design inputs for conversion from 19 inch to metric format. The new extrusion design creates more space inside the rack. This leaves more room for the cabling and electronics, and better thermal management.

The Miracel Standard Cabinets are made using aluminium components. This makes the cabinets very light in weight while having high strength and stability. The other features of the Miracel Standard Cabinets are design interfaces that allow users to adapt packaging systems to individual colour schemes.

A range of other cabinets like LAN cabinets, server cabinets, co location cabinets, industrial cabinets, EMC/RFI cabinets and a range of outdoor enclosures are available from Ricon.

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