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Richmond Wheels and Castors introduces new low profile pipe rollers

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Richmond Wheels and Castors  presents a new innovation in low profile pipe roller design to meet the exacting demands of the Australian pipeline industry.  

Richmond has applied its wheel-making know-how to design the multipurpose low profile adjustable pipe rollers for use in the installation of gas lines and pipe launching projects.  

Features such as large diameter heavy duty polyurethane rollers, a transportable base and 1” increment adjustability come together in an economical reusable combination to allow for multiple installations.  

Taking an average time of 5 minutes per frame, roller adjustment is done in 3 simple steps:  

  • Loosening the bolts that hold the roller frames to the base frame
  • Sliding the frame sideways till the arrow on the base plate aligns with the reference number that refers to the nominal bore size of the pipe required to be launched
  • Tightening the bolts to secure the frame to the base with the rollers in the correct position to safely launch the required pipe diameter
Low profile pipe rollers are available to suit pipe diameters of:
  • 8-20” nominal bore
  • 8-40” nominal bore
  • 8-88” nominal bore
Richmond offers a wide range of turnkey rolling solutions, heavy duty wheels, flange wheels, polyurethane rollers and all types of pipe rollers including bogey system transitional rollers, pipeloading rollers and pipe supports.

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