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Case study: Castors and roller supply for the regional rail link project

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article image Richmond Wheels supplied adjustable pipe rollers for the Regional Rail Link Project
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Richmond Wheels and Castors was recently subcontracted by the Baulderstone Leighton Joint Venture to supply adjustable pipe rollers for the Regional Rail Link Project.The installation of water main pipes was a necessary component of the Victorian Government’s Regional Rail Link development throughout western Melbourne – a landmark infrastructure project designed to remove major bottlenecks in Victoria's rail network. The pipe rollers were required for the positioning and installation of dual 660mm water main pipes on the underside of Ballan Rd and Armstrong Rd bridges at Wyndham Vale.

Richmond was contracted for the manufacture and supply of permanent and temporary bridge connections for the water mains.This included permanent hanger sets; temporary roller hanger sets including temporary works design; temporary bridge pier rollers; and, temporary trench rollers for launching the pipes under the bridges.

Due to physical constraints involved in the construction of the project, pipe hangers could only be placed every 7m. The pipe involved in the project is mild steel cement-lined water pipe, which has a protective Sintakote coating. The rollers supplied by Richmond Wheel and Castors had to be height adjustable to allow for installation of permanent pipe supports. 

Dynamic loads were also generated during pipe launching.

The rollers supplied by Richmond Wheel and Castors for the water main pipe lengths were P/N 055 LAUNCHROLL rollers and were used to support the pipeline during welding, as well as to align the water pipe with the temporary pipe slings.

The flexibility of the pipe rollers allowed for both the welding and alignment processes to be conducted without dismantling any part of the pipeline, or without compromising the integrity of the pipeline.

Richmond Wheel and Castors designed and manufactured pipe sling rollers to successfully launch the water main pipes under the bridges and suspend them in position ready for the permanent brackets to be attached.

RWC met client milestones to ensure the project finished on time, including components that were permanent and had to be cast into the bridge deck slab prior to pipe launching.

Rob Keens, Utilities Manager for the Baulderstone Leighton Joint Venture explained Richmond Wheel and Castors was selected for the job because of its novel design solution, which included chains, wire ropes and roller systems that were easy to install and adjust and provided a great solution for a difficult engineering task. They were also very satisfied with Richmond’s good quality workmanship and delivery times.

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