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Wi.USB-DTS desktop interface available from Richardson Electronics

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Radiotronix has released a complete development kit for its popular FCC-approved Wi.USB-DTS desktop interface that allows quick USB PC connectivity to a Wi.232DTS-R network. Wi. USB-DTS-R desktop units are available from Radiotronix distributors including All American Semiconductor, Richardson Electronics , Braemac CA, and Mouser Electronics.

Wi.USB-DTS-R base station is compact, USB-powered, and self-contained. It is interoperable with the full line of Wi.232DTS-R range of embedded radio modules.

The Wi.232DTS-R range of radios meet the new Digital Transmission System (DTS) Part 15 FCC modulation rules that allow for higher output power without using complex modulation spreading techniques. The Wi.USB-DTS-R desktop unit combines a high-performance wireless DTS spread-spectrum transceiver module, with a protocol controller to create a transparent wireless solution for wire replacement applications.

The Wi.USBDTS is perfect for Wi.232DTS-R sensor networks requiring PC/laptop interface or point-to-point long-range PC/laptop communications. A typical application is an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) where the Wi.USB-DTS can quickly operate as a base station/mobile unit that communicates with a Wi.232DTS embedded wireless utility meter network.

The Wi.USB-DTS is fully interoperable to be used with the FCC approved Wi.232DTS-FCC-ST R or Wi.232DTS-FCC-RA-R embedded modules for a complete FCC modular-level certified wireless network for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint applications, making it very flexible for today's embedded applications and greatly reducing time-to-market.

In addition, this platform of radios is able to communicate with the widely used and cost and size optimized Wi.232DTS-R embedded wireless module. The unit operates in two power modes. In high power mode, the transmit power is up to +13dBm, the maximum RF data rate is 152.34kbit/second, and 32 channels are supported. In low power mode, the transmit power is 0dBm, the maximum RF data rate is 38.4kbit/second, and 83 channels are supported.

With their exceptional receiver sensitivity, a Wi.USB-DTS unit, communicating with a Wi.232DTS module or another Wi.USB-DTS, can reach distances of 500-800 feet indoors and 1500-2000 feet outdoors.

The Wi.USB-DTS-R was designed as a PC interface to low-power, Wi.232DTS-enabled, embedded wireless applications where data needs to be monitored by low density base stations. The Wi.USB-DTS-R allows engineers to avoid the cost of design, procurement of plastics and components, and managing a build for low density base station monitors for their wireless sensor and control networks.

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