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Solidyne VA-16 ideal for remote on-air measurement of 16 transmission quality parameters

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Solydine VA16 digital FM monitor and audio modulation analyser

The revenues of a FM broadcaster are dependent upon the quality of his transmission...

Solidyne VA-16 is the only system in the world, which provides remote on-air measurement of 16 transmission quality parameters that earnings depend on... (even test those of competitors...)

Gather all the information about a satellite radio network from a single PC.

In only 5 minutes all the information about an entire radio network can be retrieved. One can even hear the audio of radio (option AR202).

VA-16 measures modulation level in percentage and peak deviation in khz. Peak mode (instantaneous peak) or with 2 ms integration can be software selectable.

In addition, it keeps track of how many times per minute there have been peaks with more than 105% modulation level (FCC rules). As an option VA16 offers a laboratory quality cristal calibrator, with less than 0.1 % error at 100 % modulation.

For the first time, a modulation monitor measures field intensity. If a VA-16 is moved to a distant city, it can be found out exactly how the signal is like there. It also measures carrier deviation (offset constant deviation of the RF carrier). Multipath distortion is also shown in order to know how good the reception is in a certain spot.

VA-16 has up to 16 preset radio stations with their respective alphanumeric call signs.

Stereo phase vector measures the degree of stereo sensation perceived by listeners. This indicates whether the audio equipment and stereo coder are working properly. Stereo phase vector has also a built-in inverted phase alarm.

The audio processing relative radiated power meter is an exclusive feature of VA-16. The meter measures the processing level of the audio processor chain, displaying clearly the audio processors loudness increase. This effect is associated with a coverage increase, even when working in FM broadcasting (see O.Bonello, JAES, Vol 24 # 5).

Two precision VU-meters show audio level (average and peak values). Also L+R / L-R composite signal can be displayed Pantallas de medición del VA16. VA-16 is the only monitor unit that measures harmonic distortion dynamically, during transmission, without needing to go off the air.

Accurate measurement of 19 kHz pilot tone frequency and relative level. Spectrum Analyser is useful to determine transmitter bandwidth, learning if it is fulfilling the standards and regulations.

The bandwidth curve gives additional information about modulation percentage versus modulation frequency.

Band scanner shows the whole FM spectrum at a glance. FM stations and their field intensities that are clearly displayed in dB/uV sound quality depend on the frequency response curve. VA-16 carries out this measurement without stopping the transmission or going off-air.

Analyse data module gives an unrivalled level of information, including an around the clock performance log.

Noise level measurement in dBA and channel separation. This measurements are done onair; without disturbing the transmission.

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