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Solidyne 2300 broadcast console series ideal for AM or FM Radio station

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The Solidyne 2300 broadcast console series are the overall solution for an AM or FM Radio station, because it incorporates all the necessary pieces of equipment for a transmission. The broadcast consoles range includes two telephone hybrids and 14 W stereo monitoring amplifiers for control, and headphones amplifier. The faders on the Solidyne broadcast consoles are controlled by VCA or full digital, depending on model.

The Solidyne broadcast consoles allows the optional use of ESF Faders (Electrostatic), with 25 years of life. The Solidyne broadcast consoles is completely modular, including the power supply, and allows for Hot Swap replacement of modules (without having to switch off the console). Models «X» allows for optional phase vector meter, timer/clock, and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs

The Solydine 2300 broadcast consoles have been designed in a completely ergonomic way, and do not require that the operation table be cut down to mount the console at the same level. In fact, the use of advanced technology for mounting components reduces the height of the console to only 2 cm, a feature that only Solidyne 2300 broadcast consoles offer.

The 2300 broadcast consoles are fully modular, and operates from 15 inputs up to 55 inputs in models XX and XZ. The 2300 broadcast consoles have 3 stereo bus (PGM, AUD and SEND), microphone equaliser, preset adjustments for each line, talkback microphone with AutoSwitch, MIC master key, 12 V output for on-air light, CUE speaker incorporated, speaker relays, mini telephone exchange PBX, two conference Hybrids, etc. The user can add up to 9 microphone processors inside the 2300 broadcast console.

The 2300 X consoles mainframe have digital facilities to accommodate 2320 modules to add digital AES/EBU inputs and outputs. Sampling is automatically switched to 32, 44.1 & 48 kHz. 2320 modules have an LCD display, backlighted with valuable information about kind of input and routing. This facility is not found in other brands of consoles.

Using 2320 modules, the user can get up to 20 AES/EBU stereo channels, plus 6 MIC in XX and XZ mainframes. Additionally, user can control 2320 from a PC computer, in order to open/close faders, using three cross fade and overlapping times.

Digital audio gives audio routing with no sound quality loss, without hum and noise, neither old patch panels. Solydine broadcast consoles provide advanced solid state digital audio matrix, PC controlled. And, also, low cost passive matrix (inside the console) in modular 12 x 4 blocks.

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