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Richardson Electronics signs distribution agreement with ECONCO

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ECONCO,a subsidiary of Communications & Power Industries Inc (CPI), and Richardson Electronics , have announced that they have signed a worldwide distributorship agreement for power vacuum tube rebuilding.

Under terms of the Agreement, Richardson Electronics will promote services and rebuilt products to all customers, as ECONCO's exclusive distributor in Central America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, and as non-exclusive distributor in North America.

"We are pleased to offer our superior rebuilding service through the extensive and dynamic Richardson Electronics sales network," said David Elliott, president of ECONCO.

"Our primary focus extends to rebuilding tubes from all manufacturers, with particular emphasis on the Industrial and Broadcast markets. This Agreement will allow us to offer cost effective rebuilding services to customers in areas beyond our current market reach. Both ECONCO and Richardson are committed to working closely to achieve an aggressive growth target."

Murray Kennedy, executive vice president and general manager for Richardson Electronics Electron Devices Group, said Communications & Power Industries and Richardson Electronics had a close and very effective business relationship, first through CP1's Eimac division, and now with ECONCO.

“We have long considered CPI as a close and valuable partner. CPI is the Electron Devices Group's largest vendor and this agreement further solidifies their position both at Richardson and in the market place.

“We look forward to the opportunity to leverage ECONCO's expertise and our sales reach to expand our business by providing customers with an expanded choice of services and products, both new and rebuilt."

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