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RVR telemetry tool SCM-LCD available

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RVR SCM-LCD features

RVR SCM changeover standard operating procedure 

The operations performed by the SCMLCD during a transmitter failure event are the following: 
SCMLCD switches off the fault transmitter

SCMLCD switches off the preventively RF power transmitter

SCMLCD sets the back-up exciter with the parameters of the fault transmitter (Frequency, Audio level, Power, etc.)

The audio input programs of the breakdown TX are routed to the back-up exciter

SCMLCD controls the back-up TX lock on frequency

SCMLCD switches the back-up transmitter on the antenna and the breakdown transmitter on load through the coaxial relay

SCMLCD switches on the backup transmitter 

RVR telemetry SCM-LCD technical specification

Slot modular system from 1 to 4 cards for control and telemetry and 1 card for coaxial relay control
RVR SCMLCD has a maximum configuration: 96 (24 x 4) inputs and 32 (8 x 4) relay outputs for the SCMLCD

Possibility to update the system by adding more cards

Inputs protected against RF, ESD and fast transient phenomenons. The relay outputs can be of two types: Bistabie (it maintains the state ONIOFF during power off ) and Monostabie (the relay state is resetted)

On the connector, three relay contacts are present, the NA-NC and the COMMON, in this way it is possible to use them as ON/OFF or as Changeover.

Inputs configurable in three different ways: Balanced with a maximum value adjustable by a trimmer from 2V to 30V, unbalanced with a fixed maximum value of 5V and/or digital from 0-5V with or without internal pull up resistor

Connectable to the rest of the central control system in different configurations in RS232 or in I²C, point to point or in network, it is therefore possible to preset different acquisition points in the system

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