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article image The TEX100 FM transmitter.

RVR has a range of RVR FM Transmitters that covers the entire range of products for FM broadcasting, from audio signal management to stereophonic generation through solid-state and tube FM transmitters, sophisticated changeover systems ensuring uninterrupted operation, filters, combiners and antenna systems designed for maximum radiation efficiency.

A comprehensive set of automation and telemetry systems makes it possible to efficiently and remotely manage individual stations as well as complex systems of FM transmitters.

Available from Richardson Electronics , the RVR FM transmitters range has advanced features and varied equipment combined with a suitable package of hardware accessories and flexible state-of-the-art proprietary software.

This combination of features permits a customised configuration of the systems offered in compliance with the most diverse requirements of customers all over the world.

TEX100 is one of the most popular FM transmitters in the RVR FM transmitters range. Its main features include:

* Easy and direct programming of the frequency by Thumbweel-Switches, Step 10KHz

* Soft-start from RF mute status

* Adjustable power output from 2W to 100W with automatic power control, maintaining the output at any fixed level

* Available with 2 SCA/RDS input connectors

* Main parameters available also on terminal board for remote control

* Compatibility with external references for custom phase locking in synchronous applications

* Meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR requirements

* High reliability provided by conservatively rated components

* Modular layout with Plug-in, easy replaceable circuits and parts

* Built-in stereo coder (TEX100/S).

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