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Power tetrode for RF transmitter construction

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article image The 4CX20,000E power tetrode.

THE Eimac division of CPI is now delivering production quantities of the 4CX20,000E power tetrode for new FM transmitter construction as well as retrofits of transmitters now using the YC-130.

Available from Richardson Electronics , the 4CX20,000E is a ceramic/metal power tetrode intended for use as a VHF power amplifier.

It features a type of internal mechanical structure, which results in RF operating efficiency. Low RF losses in this structure permit operation at full ratings to 110MHz.

The 4CX20,000E provides high gain in FM broadcast service and is also recommended for RF linear power amplifier service. The anode is rated for 20 kilowatts of dissipation with forced-air cooling and incorporates a compact, highly efficient cooler of new design.

Eimac vice president of marketing John Allan said the 4CX20,000E incorporated most of the features of the 4CX20,000C and was designed to mechanically fit into the same socket and chimney as the YC-130.

“We expect that customers will be pleased with the longer lifetime of this tube and the excellent performance in their transmitters,” he said.

Replacing the YC-130 in existing equipment will require a replacement of the filament transformer, as this tube operates from 10 volts, and a service bulletin for converting the Continental Electronics 816R is available on their website at www.contelec.com.

The YC-130 will also continue to be available, offering a choice of tubes to Eimac customers and supporting fielded transmitters.

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