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MH0.7W-S5.8G water-cooled microwave head assembly available from Richardson Electronics

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The MH0.7W-S5.8G is a water-cooled microwave head assembly, capable of delivering up to 700W of adjustable microwave energy at 5.8GHz. The microwave head is fabricated from an aluminum enclosure, which houses the magnetron, launcher assembly, filament transformer, and electronic circuitry. The MH0.7W-S5.8G is designed to work with the CM340E.0 switch-mode power supply, and is connected to the head assembly via cable set (3-metre typical).

The control interface for the power supply is mounted on the microwave head assembly, which allows the user to control the power supply remotely, without directly interfacing with the power supply. The design allows the power supply to be remotely installed with respect to the microwave head, thus increasing system flexibility and simplifying both installation and maintenance.

The microwave system is sold as a set of components, and a typical system consists of the following parts:

MH0.7W-S5.8G microwave head

CM340E.0 power supply

MHC/CM340E cable set

Additional waveguide components such as an isolator and/or directional coupler are also available through Richardson Electronics.

The MH0.7W-S5.8G water cooled microwave head has been designed for continuous operation in critical processing applications. Examples of such applications include plasma generation, semiconductor processing, and general industrial heating.

The CM340E.0 provides precise control of the generator output via a remote analogue signal, and continuously monitors critical operating parameters of both the power supply and magnetron head.

Generator Specifications:


Rated Output: 700W
Frequency: 5.8GHz
Output Flange: CPR159F
Cooling: 1.5 LPM at 25°C (min) to 3.0 LPM at 45°C (max)
Water Connections: 3/8" SwageLock compression fitting
Dimensions (l x w x h): 9.79" (248.6mm) x 6.18"(156.9mm) x 6.69"(169.9mm)
Magnetron: NL58700
Overall Envelope (LxWxH) 11.54"(293.1mm) x 6.93"(176mm) x 7.94"(201.7mm)


Control Interface Connector: 9-pin D-sub
Interlocks: Cover, magnetron over-temp, HV connection, water-flow switch (optional)

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