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High voltage phase control thyristors

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DYNEX Semiconductor, represented by Richardson Electronics , has announced the release of six new high power phase control thyristors, with repetitive voltage ratings at 125°C from 1800V to 6500V, aimed at high voltage power supplies and power conversion.

Two new designs are introduced in the 1200 - 1800V band. The first is DCR720E, a 724A device at Tcase = 60°C which is offered in the E press pack with overall diameter of 42mm.

Secondly, the DCR5980Z has a current rating of 5985A, which is the highest current rated thyristor at 1800V in the market, and is housed in the much larger Z outline of 151mm overall diameter.

The next release is the DCR1050F which sits in the 3600 - 4200V band and has an average current rating of 1051A and is additionally suited for welding applications. The introduction of the DCR840F extends the voltage capability from 4200V to 4800V and has a current rating of 840A.

The final two products enter at the 6000-6500V band. The DCR1260Y is a 1260A device with controlled stored charge for series connection in a 75mm diameter Y outline. The DCR1660Y raises the current capability in this band with a rating of 1665A with low conduction losses.

All products are supplied in industry standard ceramic press-pack housings and have dv/dt of 1000V/μs. These introductions enhance the current/voltage ratings of the Dynex phase control thyristor product range.

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